The Objectives of the WECA Association:
1.  To foster and advance the interests of those who are engaged in any branch of the Electrical Construction Industry.
2.  To represent the members of the Association in any matters pertaining to the Electrical Construction Industry, and to enter into such agreements as may appear to be in the best interests of the Electrical Construction Industry.
3.  To promote suitable and desirable legislation affecting the Industry in all its branches: and to provide liaison with Governments for any contemplated legislation by either municipal, provincial or federal authorities, insofar as the same may affect the Electrical Construction Industry.
4.  To achieve a closer relationship and a better understanding between the various branches of the Industry and to improve and bring about a greater uniformity in the customs, usages, methods and practices of those engaged in the Electrical Construction Industry.
5.  To provide for the disseminating of statistics and other information of use to the Association.
6.  To do all such things as may directly or indirectly seem to be incidental, conducive, convenient or proper for the accomplishment of the purposes or the attainment of the objectives of the Association or expedient for the protection or benefit of the members.