The Mechanical Contractors Association of Windsor objectives:

• To provide an organization of sufficient scope to embrace all facets of the plumbing and steamfitting and sheet metal industries and to consider and deal with common problems of its members and any other persons whom the Corporation may be entitled to represent, and in all reasonable, lawful and proper ways to promote the welfare of the said industries particularly as it relates to the construction industry in the City of Windsor and in the County of Essex and the County of Kent, in the Province of Ontario;

• To develop and promote methods to improve quality, efficiency and productivity within the said industries and to study and implement the development of codes, regulations and specifications pertaining to the said industries;

• To foster and encourage such legislation as may be necessary for the best interests of the public and of the said industries;

• To improve existing and to encourage more efficient procedures and lawful practices for tendering and other related matters;

• To administer and protect the members’ interest and the interest of ay other persons whom the Corporation may be entitled to represent in all labour matters;

• To promote closer co-operation and harmony in union and management relations;

• To assist in negotiations on behalf of all members of union contracts or amendments thereto and to act in any dispute or difficulties arising under any union contract;

• To foster and promote education programs;

• To administer by itself or its duly authorized agent an industry fund for the promotion of the above objects; and

• To raise money and to grant rights and privileges to contributors.

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